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group shots from the shadocon DR photoshoot!

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Hello Floridians! I’ll be hosting a Dangan Ronpa photoshoot & meetup at Shadocon in Tampa next week on both October 4th & 5th! See you all soon!

 *For more information on time and location visit the facebook event page*

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i can also do paintings with backgrounds! email me and we can work out a price depending on the detail desired.

more info

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my favourite part is when kuzuryuu ate a burger


100% - 

school starts tomorrow n im crying while doing last minute summer hw so take these old pixels i edited/fixed up ahahahahHAHa.a.a….

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found a new high chair


this is my favorite not-friendship ever 

gah wow thank you o: <3

this is by kebub

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coloured an owari doodle